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Welcome to the Jungle Café!

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Welcome to the Jungle Café

In addition to all our events, you can also come to us to enjoy the jungle atmosphere and of course, our delicious dishes!
From Tenderloin in a delicious red wine sauce to hamburgers, something for everyone.

The most unique restaurant experience in the region.
When entering the restaurant you immediately imagine yourself in a jungle that is completely overgrown with (fake) plants. To further enhance the jungle effect, we also use light and sound effects. Consider, for example, rain and thunder effects, or all kinds of animal sounds that you can hear in a jungle.

To book? Not necessary, feel free to drop by during our opening hours. Would you rather book a table or book for large groups? Please contact us by telephone (085-2019591) or on our reserve page.

Parking is also no problem, you can park your car for free in our spacious parking lot.