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Unit 13 Outdoor Adventures has been known for years for its airsoft events. We ensure a maximum experience because your skirm takes place in a reconstructed city and the various missions are supported by light and sound techniques.

We can offer you a suitable event for every party (bachelor party, birthday party, company party). From private event to open event with other players, from without food to a fully arranged event; we can provide it to you. Of course you can also join an open event. We regularly have big games (where we link playing fields 1 and 2) and special events.

The children can enjoy themselves with kids airsoft at our facility! Ideal for a birthday party. The kids can perform missions with 2 teams with specially adapted children's airsoft guns. Come and give it a try, we guarantee an unforgettable day for both children and adults!
Airsoft Arrangements



For lasergaming also known as lasertag, you can come to Unit 13 Outdoor Adventures.
Laser tag like you can't get anywhere else! Our playing fields in 3 different syles give you many possibilities to hide and play the game with tact to complete the missions and thus defeat the opposing team. Upon arrival you will be divided among the Rebel Oppression Group (ROG) and Strike Force Alliance (SFA) teams and you will be drawn into the atmosphere of the team. Together with your team you can defeat the enemy!

Laser gaming is an exciting family activity, fun to do with a group of friends, fantastic as a children's party (from the age of 7) and also very suitable as a bachelor party or business activity.
For the most fun and exciting day, come lasergaming!

Lasergame Arrangements


Unit 13 shop

The shop for all your airsoft gear and shooting sports items. We have a large number of items in stock, so you can come and visit us to look around. Are you looking for something that we do not have in stock? Ask our employees whether it can be ordered for you we are happy to help you. Our online webshop offers everything we also have in store. Unit 13 Shop ensures fast shipping and of course with the service that you expect from us!
We offer availability information for our physical store on our website.
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