Get ready for the ultimate fight



For years, Unit 13 has been known within the world of airsoft. Our focus lies on realism, immersion, safety and fairplay.
We strive to give you an unforgettable experience!


Laser tag

Laser tag is a new branch within Unit 13. Again, we strive to facilitate realism in our games. Our laser tag games a totally different level than the games you'll usually play. We offer truly exiting missions, with realistic combat gear.


Unit 13 shop

In our Sittard location you will find our supply shop, main store, gun shop and arena. You can also take a look at our replicas and try them out at our shooting range. We have a number of items in stock, primarily focussed on your in-game needs. We also run a online webshop. Quick deliveries, a massive stock and a guarantee on the lowest pricing are very important to us. Of course we'll provide the same service you've come to expect of us.
We offer availability information for our physical store on our website!
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