Airsoft Killhouse

Step into the world of tango down!
In our airsoft Killhouse, you as the Strike Force Alliance are given a number of scenarios that you as a team must solve as best as possible.
From a hostage taking, drug smuggling  to a kidnapping, you and your team determine the outcome.
As special forces of the SFA, you are sent on a mission after an Intel briefing. During this mission, our in-game actors will give you real dilemmas and challenges. This means that every decision has a different outcome!

What can you expect:
● Completely private event
● Explore the situation
● Make a plan approach with your team
● Dismantle booby traps
● Breaching doors with a battering ram
● Debriefing after each scenario with the option to repeat the scenario
● Special effects such as light and sound effects
● Experienced in-game Unit 13 actors who act as an opponent from the Rebel Oprresion Group
● Experienced insctructors on location
● Riots shields are allowed with this arrangement

This arrangement is for the experienced player, not for beginners! 
Renting equipment is NOT possible with this package and is intended for teams that want to work on their skills. 
Our Jungle café is open during the event!  order

So have you always wanted to be in the shoes of special forces who are about to kick down doors to bring a hostage situation to a (good) end?
Do you recognize the “bad guys” and do you and your team know how to make the best decisions in fractions of seconds?

Take on this ultimate experience with 6 to 12 comrades in our Airsoft Killhouse! Can be booked as a 2 hour to 4 hour event.
Tango down or man down ?
You decide……