Unit 13 offers everything you need for a completely arranged day for all ages, in Unit 13 style! You have the opportunity to play both airsoft and laser tag.


Battlefield - The City (Field One)

In our playing arena you can play both airsoft and laser tag. The arena has been designed in such a way that different exciting scenarios can be created.
The arena is suitable for both new players as well as the experienced, hardcore gamer! When you visit our arena it'll feel like as if you're walking through a real city, where danger lurks behind every corner. Smoke, light- and sound effects give you an even more intense experience during your mission!

Download the Tactical Battlemap here!


Battlefield - Downtown (Field 2)

This playing field has a Casino, a Chinatown, a Museum and a CQB living block what makes this piece of the city a real challenge!
Small alleys and a lot of corners keep you on your toes! We also have smoke and sound effects here to complete the experience!


Safe zone

Your adventure starts in the safe zone. Here you'll be provided with the right gear at the rental desk. You can also get several extras to be even better equipped and prepared for the exciting hours ahead. Througout the whole safe zone there are plenty of tables and seats where you can prepare for the mission, and where you can also relax afterwards.

There are enough sockets available for users who need to charge the batteries of their own gear. Catering is also present, so you can have a drink or snack!


Unit 13 Airsoft Shop Sittard

In the Unit 13 Supply Shop you can find anything you need for a successful airsoft skirm or laser tag adventure. Take a look at our webshop to get an impression of what we have in stock.


Unit 13 cafe

In our field kitchen you can get not only delicious, freshly baked burgers, but you can also choose from our large menu! Naturally, our kitchen is designed accordingly to your day full of excitement and adventure! It's always open during events, making it possible to eat or drink something before, during or after the event. Click here for more information.