BBQ/Buffet Arrangement

Want to book a BBQ/Buffet arrangement? Read on below!


BBQ Arrangement

After an extreme spectacular round of Lasertag or Airsoft everybody is hungry! We will provide you with a top BBQ on our terrace or inside the restaurant! With a delicious “BBQ For All” or “Grill Special”, you will never forget your Bachelor- or company party!

You can choose between two different arrangements BBQ menu

Good quality
Unit 13 buys delicious fresh meat from the local butcher, from marinated bacon, sausages to fresh minced meat for our famous homemade burgers! Would you like something that is not on our menu? No problem, contact us for all possibilities.

Airsoft Lasertag


Grill or Buffet

You can choose between grill the meat yourself, with friends or colleagues on the terrace, or a buffet where everything is ready and arranged for you! Ideal if, for example, you don’t want to grill the meat yourself or if you are coming to us for a birthday or company party.

Vegetarians in your group? No problem! We arrange vegetarian meat or extra salad! Contact us for the options.

After gaming, there is nothing better as a cold beer! We serve Heineken and Jupiler as standard, if you want something different for your group, this is off course possible. Feel free to ask for the possibilities.

Less than 10 guests
Minimum number of people for the BBQ is 10 guests. Are you with less? No problem! Then we put together a special arrangement for you personally.

Airsoft Lasertag