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Lasertag Indoor Arena

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Here in the Netherlands the word "Lasergame" is a lot more famous than the word "Lasertag". However, there is a small difference between the two.
“Lasertag” is a newer and better version compared to “lasergaming”.
With Lasertag you have less equipment to carry. The sensors are built-in the gun and headband.
There's Also more action and excitement in lasertag. This because of the variety of missions that are played with advanced software.
It’s also possible to obtain different kinds of weapons in our Lasertag indoor arena!
Furthermore a lasertag gun also has multiple buttons. Button for reloading, for selecting a different gun or to see you score during gameplay.
This altogether makes “Lasertag” the new “Lasergaming”!

At Unit 13 you can enjoy the best lasertag experience. In our extensive playing field you not only experience the fight with your opponent, but you also experience very diverse environments that you can actively use yourself. The playing field is the largest indoor location in the Benelux and even in Europe!

Lasertag is actually like playing Battlefield or Call of Duty in real life!



Different arrangements

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At Unit 13 Outdoor Adventures you can choose between different arrangements regarding Lasertag indoor arena.
You have the opportunity to participate in an "Open event". This means that you can join a planned Lasertag event at fixed times, where everyone can register to participate.
Would you rather organize a private event with family/friends/company? You can! It’s also possible to rent one of our playing fields to enjoy a private event.
We can run groups of up to 60 people at the same time!
A private event is of course also possible in combination with a BBQ and/or a custom arrangement where you can also shoot with an air rifle for example.

Lasertag is of course the coolest birthday party that can be organized. With at the end of the event a battle-meal with fries / snack / drink to end the party.
Also very suitable as a day out, or with friends.

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