About Kids Airsoft in the Netherlands

About Kids Airsoft in the Netherlands


About kids airsoft in the Netherlands (9+)

Airsoft is normally for the age of 18+ in the Netherlands. But Unit 13 in Nuth - the Netherlands, has also made "Kids airsoft" possible for the age of 9 and older.

This is made possible because the guns that are used can't shoot as hard compared to the 18+ airsoft. Beside the gun differences, the game is played exactly the same. 2 teams fighting against each other to make their mission successful or to stop the opposing team. This battle is played in the largest indoor arena in Europe, a fully dressed arena with light and sound effects.

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In addition, "Kids Airsoft" is very suitable as a birthday party, where adults can also play along. But also suitable as friends among each other!
For birthday parties there are various options you can choose. You can choose to sit down after the game for a delicious "Kids menu" or for a nice birthday cake beforehand.

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What is airsoft?

Airsoft is a shooting sport that is practiced in different ways. For example Parkour shooting where they compete by completing a parkour, or simply as 2 teams competing against each other to complete their mission(s).
Before kids can play airsoft, the players all get their equipment and are divided into teams. When this is done, the players all gather in their team briefing room. Here the General explains the rules are and what they should pay attention to. Once they've completed the safety briefing by the General, it's time to hit the arena and let the battle commence

Various missions will be played during the "Kids airsoft". From "Capture the Flag" to "Protect the VIP" and from "Stealing Gold" to "King of the Hill". All this is made more exciting with light and sound effects!
The perfect and most exciting event of the whole of the Netherlands (south Limburg) and the surrounding area!