Do you love gaming, but actually you must play sports? Combine this with laser gaming! Come and play every week at the club and your shape will improve definitely. Expensive? Not at all! For only €32,50 per month you can play this cool sport.

  1. Every Wednesdaynight = from 18.00 – 20.00 h club night.
  2. A personal account that tracks your progress!
  3. See all the live game information of your gun on your smartphone during gaming, such as ammunition and in-game info! (Free WiFi)
  4. Obtain special weapons and build up an arsenal of weapons. Set your preferred settings via your smartphone so that the gun fits you even better.
  5. Settings will be remembered such as the score and achievements.
  6. Get a real gamer experience while you are active in sports too!
  7. Clubmembers play against clubmembers.
  8. There will also be extra events outside of Wednesday evenings, like big games and special events with e.g. Halloween, Christmas and such (you will see these in your portal).
  9. Recommended minimum age 8 years. We currently have combined groups. With many members we will split by age.
  10. Monthly terminable.

Killstreaks Achievements

Become a member of the Unit 13 club and experience sporty laser gaming in a realistic setting!