Combine gaming and sporting during lasergaming! Come and play every week at the club! Expensive? Not at all! For only €34,95 per month you can play this cool sport.

  1. Every Wednesdaynight = from 18.00 – 20.00 h club night.
  2. A personal account that tracks your progress!
  3. See all the live game information of your gun on your smartphone during gaming, such as ammunition and in-game info
  4. Settings will be remembered such as the score and achievements.
  5. Get a real gamer experience while you are active in sports too!
  6. Clubmembers play against clubmembers.
  7. Recommended minimum age 8 years.
  8. Monthly terminable.

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Become a member of the Unit 13 club and experience sporty laser gaming in a realistic setting!