About Indoor shooting range in Limburg

About indoor shooting in Limburg!


Shooting Range

At our indoor shooting range in Limburg (Nuth) it is possible to shoot with your own air rifle or airsoft rifle. One of the few indoor shooting ranges where you can just come and shoot with your (heavy caliber) air rifle. From break barrels, CO2, Pump airgun to PCP Airguns.
Don't have an air rifle yourself, but want to experience it? That's possible with our air rifle arrangements. Where you can shoot with friends, family or colleagues, on our indoor shooting range at targets on different ranges.
After following a short safety instruction, it is time to compete in a number of assignments. Who will get the highest score per game and in total, at different distances and goals?

The shooting range is also ideal for adjusting your air rifle and or airsoft gun, scope or hop-up at certain distances.
We also have an electric target system that can only be used with airsoft guns. On this system you can improve your speed and accuracy with different types of games. Or compete against a teammate to see who is the fastest!

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You can own and shoot air rifles from the age of 18 and above. It's allowed to with them on your own property or on shooting ranges. They are available in various calibers from the 4.5mm (.177) to the serious big bore calibers of 18.3mm (.72)! In addition to the different calibers, you also have different types of bullets, each with its own target, such as: BB, round head, flat head, hollow point, pointed point, etc.

In addition to ammunition, you also need targets on our indoor shooting range or at home. From shooting cards to the famous shooting stars at the fair, but also self-resetting shooting boxes. All air rifle supplies can be obtained in our Unit 13 webshop .

So are you looking for an indoor shooting range that is suitable for shooting with any caliber air rifle? Come to Unit 13 Outdoor Adventures.